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Topography Maps for Train Chasing

our maps are based on USGS 1:24000 7.5 Minute Series (topography) maps. They have been enhanced by The Housatonic Railfan to highlight the tracks and side roads that offer views of the tracks. Rail customers served by the Housatonic are noted where known.

All enhancements are 2003 by The Housatonic Railfan.

Each of the links below will display a 72 DPI image of the map and links to  one Hi-Resolution 300 DPI Overview map  and one or more Medium Resolution 150 DPI Close-Up views . The High Resolution maps are over 1 MB each .  The Medium Resoution maps are aproximately 400 KB each. Both the High and Medium resolution images are suitable for printing on one 8.5 x 11 page. Some will require Landscape orientation.

Presently the map sequence begins North West of Danbury, CT  with the Newtown Quad near Berkshire junction in Brookfield and follows the HRRC West through Hawleyville and Newtown then South to Stepeny CT.   The next addition will be the Danbury Quad, from the Danbury Yard north through Berkshire Junction toward New Milford.

NOTE: Even at 72DPI, these maps are quite large. Most of the Topo Map pages will  take 3-5 minutes to load on a 28.8 KBS disl-up connection.

Newtown West ] Newtown North ] Newtown South ] Danbury South ] Danbury North ] New Milford South ] New Milford North ]